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El Salvador Alejandro Valiente

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With our first offering from El Salvador we're excited to bring you not only a standout coffee, but one that speaks to our ethos! This coffee comes from Metapán in the northern department of Santa Ana, from a group of producers banded together under Alejandro Valiente. Alejandro spent years working with other exporters elsewhere in Central America before returning home to apply everything he learned in the field to his home community. Alejandro took all these base tenets of community support through cooperatives and applied the methodology to supporting his own neighbors' coffee farms. This network of support is organized under Cafenor, his family's company, which has dedicated itself not only to uplifting their local community but to preserving the environment as well. Cafenor operates their own dry mill in the area that supports the local farmers, eclipsing the sustainability efforts of many by fully operating under solar power. 

The seeds in this coffee were variety sorted to specifically choose for Pacamara; a varietal of coffee known for high-quality cups but also for the immense size of the bean itself. Big beans don't always mean big flavor, but in this case they absolutely do. We've chosen to highlight the supercharged orange and Thai tea-like flavors of this coffee, yielding a creamy body with a complex, dynamic palate that speaks more orange apertif than orange juice. Spice notes, a winey quality, and even some astringency flash forth. Expect layers from this coffee and a finish that never ends.