About Us

Equal parts a product of love and good timing, Grand Coffee was founded by Nabeel Silmi in the post-recession days of 2010. Eager to find work when it was scarce, Nabeel opted to create his own job which allowed him to weave together his love for coffee and the Mission community he had worked in for several years prior.

In the decade since, Grand has become a gathering place for all in the community: immigrants, artists, abuelas, tech workers, service workers, queer folx, people who just moved to San Francisco, people who have spent their whole lives in San Francisco, and so many more. In four stools and 220 sq feet, you are guaranteed to meet someone, see something, or at least drink something that will brighten your day. 

In 2019, Nabeel tapped Kimberly Kim and Adrian Lopez, two longtime friends and employees from the cafe, to expand on our mission of connecting people with quality, independent coffee. As we grow, you’ll always find us at our original location on Mission Street, but you’ll be pleased to find our coffee at other local cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, and even this website.