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Chiapas Women's Harvest

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This Chiapas Women's Harvest is such a special coffee to us. It's the personal project of Rosalba Cifuentes, a native of Chiapas, Mexico who grew up immersed in coffee culture. As a current Bay Area resident, she saw the tremendous potential of what she grew up with and decided to build upon it for her home community. This coffee is sourced from 168 women-owned farms located around Bella Vista, nestled into the mountains of southern Chiapas, not too far from Mexico's border with Guatemala. The harvests are all sold cooperatively so that these hard-working women earn a better price for their efforts.

In the cup you'll find something akin to the taste of eating a tangerine slice rolled in cane sugar, perfumed by the essential oils of the fruit's peel still on your fingertips. Fun and very drinkable.