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Burundi Women's Harvest

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We are always pleased to share coffees that highlight stories of underrepresented folks along the coffee value chain; thus we are extra pleased to share this offering from our newest trading partner, JNP Coffee. Founder Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian has demonstrated her commitment to her home country and its people and it shows. WIth direct investment to the people who are growing the coffee JNP is helping to change the lives of many Burundians, like the women who grow this coffee.

The special thing about this coffee, in addition to being fully women-grown, is that the coffee is also first processed at Burundi's first women-owned and operated wet mill; built in 2019 in part with funds generated through working with JNP. Controlling this part of the value chain means having a big say in the quality of the coffee they ultimately process and ship out worldwide; and continued investment at this wet mill and for the farmers will yield further improvements in quality and quantity of coffee as well as enrichment of many family's livelihoods.

Oh, the coffee is delicious too! You'll taste a fun, but accessible array of flavors that link a solid base of caramel sweetness and vanilla with a multitude of brighter, fun flavors. We tasted orange, lime, kaya, cherry, and more, but we think it's best simplified to something like a creamsicle, kaya toast, or choco pie. Sweet meets tangy.