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Las Pilas Espresso

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Our flagship espresso blend! Las Pilas is our workhorse espresso at our cafes for many reasons: it's versatile, easy to work with, easy to love, and delicious. Our bold and bass-y espresso showcases a deft balance of sweet and sour with a tantalizingly fragrant crema. Imagine a blend of tropical fruit, dark chocolate, and a touch of halva swirled together in one cup. If the dynamic sound of a simple shot of Pilas doesn't say enough, any espresso drink involving this coffee and milk tastes like the rich excess of melted ice cream.

While we love enjoying Las Pilas as that beautiful shot of espresso accompanied with some crisp sparkling water, the coffee also makes for a fabulous traditional home brew. As a medium roast Las Pilas offers the body of darker roasted coffees while preserving some of the delicate flavors of the coffees that power this blend.

Las Pilas is always ethically sourced from farmers and cooperatives who are paid above the base market cost for coffee to ensure that your purchase supports the whole chain of people that produced the coffee. Las Pilas is currently a blend of two premium lots of coffee from farmers in Jalapa and Huehuetenango, Guatemala.