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Peru Comunidad Suriray

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If you've spent enough time sitting at the bar at either of our locations, you know you have some story of a connection you made that bore surprising fruit. Believe it or not, this coffee is one of those. Over the course of many espressos our trader shared their experiences going to Peru with their colleagues and meeting the many producers they work with out there. Having this sense of connection to an organization that commits themselves to good work on the ground in Peru made it an easy decision to add these Peruvian coffees to our menu.

This lot from Santa Teresa in La Concepción, Cusco is sourced by a collective called Huadquiña that our trader has worked closely with for years. This coffee from the Suriray community is an exceptional all-rounder. The cup sees a balance of creamy ripe banana and red fruit flavors that reminds us of a chocolatey banana cream pie. As a roast that teeters towards the medium end of the spectrum, this should be a crowd pleaser for all.

Organic Certified.