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Guatemala Rosendo Domingo

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It is our great pleasure to offer coffees that tell the story of regions and cooperative groups of producers, but we are always thrilled to get a little more specific and offer the work of individual producers. So we're thrilled to be able to offer a fresh crop of our offering from producer partner Rosendo Domingo. Rosendo's finca, Buena Vista, is in Petatán, Huehuetenango, one of the Guatemala's most recognized coffee growing regions. Coffee growing has run in his family for decades and with their success on the specialty market Rosendo has taken to studying agronomy and applying it as a side business to help others in his local community. His studies in agronomy also apply to coffee, where he has been exploring the economic viability of selling alternatively-processed coffees produced in Petatán aside from the common washed process.

While we wait to showcase one of these natural or honey-process coffees he is also exploring for himself, we are stoked to offer this washed offering of his. Like many a fine wine, this coffee rewards the patient drinker. Our first impression is an aroma of sweet raspberry lemonade which translates onto the palate through the first few sips. As you keep sipping on this coffee though, you'll realize this impression was only the opener. As the coffee cools, the main act takes the stage. Rosendo's coffee becomes extravagant; developing a lush mouthfeel, long finish, and a more complex layering of dried fruit and nougat-like flavors.