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Guatemala Félix Pablo

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At Grand we love an all-rounder, accessible washed process coffee from Latin America. It is our flavor that we love sharing with y'all. Sometimes, however, we like to bask in the glory of being coffee people and highlight coffees that are a cut above. This is one of those coffees! Where previously we have served many Guatemalan washed coffees, this one is particularly special for its immensely fruity and shimmery nature that comes as a result of extra care taken during processing.

This coffee is also a testament to the power of cooperatives in the coffee world. Producer Felix Pablo started sowing coffee back in 2009 but was able to sell the fruit of his labor with a coop called El Sendero while he worked to improve his own practices. With assistance over time from the cooperative and investment in his own practices, he was able to grow his operation and sharpen his skills to be able to produce a high-caliber coffee to sell on his own apart from the coop.

In the cup you'll find something brilliant that tastes like we melted strawberries and red Starburst into the cup. When all the stars align, you might even taste the echo of a sparkling rosé. This is truly a special coffee that we have a short supply of. Try it while it lasts!