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Guatemala Axolá Women's Cooperative

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We're happy to present yet another excellent coffee from Guatemala courtesy of our friends at Primavera Coffee! As always we're happy to link our passion for lifting up those who might not get the representation they deserve along the coffee value chain with our great interest in providing y'all with tasty coffees. This offering comes from a specific arm of the Axola Cooperative in Petatán, Huehuetenango composed entirely of women. Although the greater coop was founded in 1989, it was only in 2020 that Guatemala's certifying body specifically recognized the work of women members and gave them a new certification, "Con manos de mujer" or "With a woman's hands."

As with many of the women-run coops we work with, part of the reason the coop exists in the first place is to "improve access to formal education, prevent violence against women, and promote women’s leadership and rights in the community" according to Primavera. Interestingly, where some of our other coffees from similar coops are more straightforward, this coffee yields quite the complex cup. As a point of comparison, previous coffees we've carried from Petatán offered a similar bright citrus acidity, but this one offers a more perfumed one closer to deep dark chocolate than lime. Where other coffees from the region take on a spiced, nougat-y quality, this coffee sings a song of violets and other dark floral notes before finishing with a silky sigh of grapefruit peel.