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Grand Coffee x Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug (12 Oz)

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Let's talk travel mugs. Maybe you have one, maybe you have a collection, or maybe you’ve always thought that you needed a new favorite one customized with your favorite coffee roaster’s logo on it? We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally fulfilled that wish for you! We’ve worked with Fellow Industries to create customized versions of their fantastic Carter Everywhere Mugs featuring our logo in two fabulous colors: Warm Pink and Dusk Blue.

On top of looking sharp, the Carter Mug is plenty functional, offering a leak-proof seal, wide and easy-to-drink-from lip, and a smart ceramic interior to make sure your coffee (or water, or milk, or wine..) tastes like what you intended and not like metal. In case your daily travels take you far and wide, it keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. As Fellow puts it "imagine the feeling of your favorite Saturday morning mug, designed for Saturday afternoon errands."