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Ethiopia Abiyot Ageze

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As we look back on our previous offerings from Ethiopia we are always reminded about what makes coffees from this country so special: the terrific diversity resulting from generations of evolution of both the plant and its production practices in coffee's native lands. Producer Abiyot Ageze carries the tradition of producing naturally processed coffees in the Gedeo Zone and does so with such a dogged commitment to quality he started a company to process the coffee himself. His company, Boledu (named after a local river), has recently experienced rapid growth but all the while remained committed to quality before quantity. Case in point: their washing and processing stations only accept fresh coffees from local communities and have honed their practices so finely one of their coffees placed in the top ten of Ethiopia's inaugural Cup of Excellence. Our offering from Abiyot is directly related to that showstopper coffee, and we're happy to bring you a taste of some of the best coffee that Ethiopia has to offer.  

While we don't often like to be hyperbolic when talking about coffee, this one is an absolute stunner. Thanks to its natural processing, the aroma of this coffee bursts with a tropical sweetness that stopped us in our tracks when we first tried it. In the cup it smacks of hard candy, dried strawberries, and cherries with beautiful depth, vibrant acidity, and a light tannic quality. As the coffee cools it rounds out and the previously intense sweetness transforms into a lingering one that reminds us of the sigh-inducing aftertaste of guava. This is definitely a coffee that shines on its own and just might convert you to loving other unique coffees.