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Chemex 8-Cup Coffee Maker

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A 1940's chemist walks into a coffee shop and thinks the brew equipment isn't beautiful enough. Well, the story of the Chemex goes something like that: crossing delicious coffee with efficient, beautiful design. Brewing with Chemex yields beautiful coffees with silky clarity in a convenient package where the brewing vessel is also the serving vessel. Add it to your collection of beautiful at-home brew methods, or maybe you'd like to learn a new skill in quarantine? The 40 oz. capacity of this Chemex makes it ideal for brewing for 2-4 people.

In case you're new to the Chemex, Adrian likes to do it like this:
For 10-11oz of coffee use 20g coffee to 320 g water (a common and mostly foolproof 1:16 ratio)
- Grind about 22 grams of coffee to a consistency around for a home paper filter brewer
- Fold your filter and make sure the three flaps are on the spout side, wet the filters with hot water to remove the paper taste and warm everything up. Discard the water
- Put 20 grams of coffee (grind extra to get the right amount for the brew) in the filter and tare your scale to zero. 
- Pour enough water to *just* saturate the grounds. Let sit and "bloom" for 30 seconds.
- In steps, pour the rest of the water in slow, even circles over the grounds until you get to 320g.
- Enjoy!

NOTE: Standard Chemex filters are hard to come by right now and we are reserving our stock for new purchases of Chemexes. If you are in need of these filters, please contact us at