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Bolivia Finca Rosita Anaerobic

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When choosing a new coffee to add to our roster, we are always looking for coffees that are exceptional and have a story to tell or a new perspective to offer. A fundamental part of our mission at Grand is to provide the community with coffees that are exciting, yet approachable. Complex, but familiar. At the very least thought-provoking somehow. Despite all this, for the longest time we also avoided the most nouveau sorts of coffees; the envelope-pushing experimental processes, the “coferments” you’ve read about, or other coffees filled with arcane terminology that can be a mouthful even for coffee buyers. That changes here with our first “experimentally processed” coffee.

This coffee underwent anaerobic fermentation, which means that the coffee cherries were fermented in completely sealed tanks deprived of oxygen; promoting different sugars to develop than during the traditional natural process. Dipping our toes into this realm of experimental processes, we wanted to make sure that we chose a coffee that was complemented by its processing, not defined by it, and this truly special coffee was the perfect example of just that. This cup lets the inherent flavors of this beautiful Bolivian crop shine, showcasing a balanced, expressive cup of coffee with the addition of some funky complexity courtesy of the anaerobic fermentation.

This coffee shines with a base of deep, dark chocolate notes and a buttery smoothness caressed by playful balsamic strawberry acidity. Pleasant watermelon gum juiciness and the complexity of an orange aperitif further make this Bolivia a complete package. This is a coffee to geek out over with your coffee friends, but still accessible enough  to share with your parents over breakfast.