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From Porlex.
From Porlex.

Porlex Mini II Hand Grinder

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What's the last time you treated yourself to an upgrade of a daily tool that truly shocked you by how much better it was? That has been our experience with this Porlex Mini II hand grinder. It's fast, efficient, and so, so small. Word to the campers and travelers among you, it fits *inside* an AeroPress it's so small.

Where many handheld burr grinders from well-known players like Hario might be Toyotas, this is definitely a Lexus. A beautiful stainless steel body houses high-quality ceramic burrs which are equal parts durable, sharp, consistent, and non-conductive. The grinder features an incredibly simple adjustment nut that makes big changes in grind size easy while also allowing you finely tune your grind (each click calibrates by a mere 37 microns of ground size!). The thoughtful designers at Porlex even made it easy to take apart, making cleaning the interior of the grinder a breeze. This grinder punches way above its weight class.

Other Specs

  • Tiny: 5.5" tall x 2" round.
  • Surprising capacity: Up to 20-30 gram capacity depending on the density of beans
  • Fast: grinds 25g in about a minute.
  • Consistent: The burrs produce an amazingly consistent size of particle, including on very fine and very coarse settings.
  • Stainless steel body
  • Conical ceramic burr set